Putting Casino Software on Your Mobile Phone

If the casino or games you want aren't "instant play" or Flash type you'll need to download the casino's software. There are typically 3 ways to get the software from mobile casino sites onto your phone:

1.  SMS

If you register an account for a mobile casino from your computer, usually you will be sent an SMS with a direct download link so you can download the software. Simple: Click on the link and follow the instructions.

2. Direct Access

If you register an account from your mobile phone, usually you'll be sent directly to the casino lobby where you, again, click the download link and install as directed.

3. QR Codes

Another option we're seeing more regularly as a means of downloading is the QR Code. You'll only run into this qr code imageoption at some sites if you're registering from a computer. If you have QR Code reading software on your mobile, simply scan the QR Code on your computer screen and off you go.

Whichever method you decide to use, be sure to bookmark the mobile casino home page or log-in page.

I also recommend that if you don't like a casino you've tried, delete/remove any software you've installed if you're sure you're not going to go back. This will free up some memory on your device and keep your app & link menu areas tidy.

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