Let's say you deposit $100 into your player account. You play have a decent run and build your bankroll up to $175. WALK AWAY. Close the game and WALK AWAY. The urge to continue can be HUGE but, you can do it - WALK AWAY. Log out and WALK AWAY.

Do the same next time you play. WALK AWAY if you either get up another $75 or $100 or you've lost the $75 you won last time. Just WALK AWAY.

Even if you've lost, you've already played twice and you still have your original $100 deposit to play with next time. If you won some, then your bankroll has grown and you can play at least two or three more times with your winnings and the original deposit.

It takes discipline, but you can really extend your casino play time if you can learn to WALK AWAY.




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